Born with a camera in his hand, Blake Farber rose from the streets of New York to become the international director he's known as today.

Coming from a family of musicians and photographers, Blake meshes the two mediums into an eclectic and cinematic style.

Mentioned in Forbes in 2013, and winner of VEVO Best Video of the Year 2014, Blake has worked with artists such as Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

A world traveller, Blake's body of work is both vast and diverse. From music videos to TV spots.

What excites you about the Singapore and South East Asia Market?

Singapore is such an international hub much like my home city, NYC. Where you can taste a piece of the world within every block to experience culture samples every step. It's my style city that would love to bring my style to that local market.

What drew you to Elº Films?

What drew me to Elº Films was how international you guys are. How you not only have hubs in South Asia but in other markets which is very interesting. And love to know more.

How best would you describe your filming style?

I wouldn't class my filming style into one type of mood. But being somebody who gets the honor to see various corners of this world I learn and see a lot but yet give those ideas and messages back into my pieces. If it's either shooting an Olympic spot or even something more athletic like Nike. Trying to put my crazy travel/filming stories into these pieces to make them more so unique and original.

What is your favourite project you have worked on to date? And Why?

I have a few favorite projects I've worked on. It's usually ones where it lead to an epic adventure. Like one where I was randomly in Angola Africa where we would drive around filming locals throughout the whole beautiful epic country. Seeing things that most people would mostly not see in their lifetime. Was beyond just the film result was the epic adventure to talk about for futures to come.