Gaurav, who joined EL Films in September from  J. Walter Thompson Singapore, is ELº Films newest recruit.

He previously worked at JWT’s production arm 'Chameleon', since the end of 2014, when he first joined as an intern.

His ambition and energy helped him progress quickly, later being hired as a junior producer and then promoted to content producer in May last year.

During his time at JWT, his entrepreneurial spirit helped launch JWT25, a content unit focusing on delivering quality content within 25 days - to meet the demands of the digital age. 

Gaurav is excited about making films for brands that connect with people through compelling and authentic messages. He is a big fan of narrative filmmaking and believes brands can benefit from telling stories. He is eager to be a part of a fast growing SME. 

He has worked closely with brands such as Lux, Shell, Nikon, Changi Airport, HSBC, Kimberly-Clarke and Treasury Wine Estates.  

Making a move from Advertising to Film production, Gaurav said: “JWT has been a great learning experience for me, but I was losing the reason for why I joined, which was for the art of storytelling. I’d like to start working on writing short films, narratives and documentaries and more personal projects. EL Films gives me the flexibility to do that.”