If you still think that Kellogg’s cereals are only for breakfast you are missing out on delicious recipes to cook for Iftar!

This Ramadan, Kellogg’s collaborated with Big Small Tribe and EL° Films to reveal Kellogg’s cereals as ingredients and not only as stand alone products to be consumed with milk. With the help of the Kellogg’s chef squad, EL° Films created an emotional bond with the viewers by celebrating super-moms in a campaign full of surprises.

Director 'Amirah Tajdin' and DOP 'Daniel Tudano' working with the EL° team.

The campaign was filmed on Arri Alexa Mini with Zeiss Master Anamorphic Lens.

Producer 'Chaza Said' prepping talents for the next scene.

Father and kids cooking meals for iftar under the Kellogg’s chef squad supervision.

Crew List:

Director: Amirah Tajdin
DOP: Daniel Todano
Client: Kellogg's
Agency: Big Small Tribe
Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Editor: Elena Kovalenko
Assistant Director: Gaurav Mishra
Producer: Chaza Said
Production Assistants: Savo, Rine Nahas
1st AC / Focus Puller: Gamma Films
Lighting Best Boy / Sparks: Gamma Films
DIT: Elena Kovalenko
Behind The Scenes: Elena Kovalenko
Wardrobe / Stylist: Albina Gadzhimuradova
Makeup & Hair Stylist: Anken
Talents: Ayman Assas, Ahmed Khaled, Adel Ahmed
Colour Grading: ELº Films 
Kit: Arri Mini and Zeiss Master Anamorphics 25mm, 32mm, 40mm, 50mm, 75mm & 135mm