Determined to bring the storyboards alive for Parker Pen's latest addition 'Sonnet', ELĀ° Films and agency folks from Face to Face UAE traveled around cool parts of Singapore and Sri Lanka for a 5-day shoot, capturing the most gorgeous moments along the way. Though a grueling shoot, the team's efforts paid off when they reviewed the footage back in the office. Check out some parts of the journey below!  

Producer 'Gaurav' trodding in the soil as he heaves heavy equipment up the mountain. 

Director 'Pabz Alexander', DOP 'Tom Welsh' and talent 'Olivier' talking through the scene before they start.

A wee break is also important when one is on a tedious shoot.

Gathering together on the train for the train scenes.

The beautiful scenery of Sri Lanka shines through the lens of Producer 'Rory'.

Crew List:

Director: Pabz Alexander
DOP: Tom Welsh
Client: Parker Pens
Agency: FacetoFace UAE
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Head of Creatives/ DIT/ Editor: Pabz Alexander
Producers: Gaurav Mishra, Rory Cavanagh
Production Manager: Amanda Tan
Production Assistants: Isabella Lim, Feliscia Xu
Editors: Amanda Tan, Barnabas Chua
Talents: Rachel Mak, Olivier Gabillard
Colorgrading: Raised By Wolves
Sound Design: Amanda Tan
Kit: RED Camera + Kowa Vintage Anamorphic Lenses.
BTS: Rory Cavanagh, Amanda Tan
Local Fixer: Sanjay Pathmanathan

Filmed in Singapore and Sri Lanka.