In August 2016, the ELº Singapore crew  shot a 4 part character piece for the latest campaign for RED CROSS.   

The team worked along MullenLowe in developing  the 4 stories that highlighted different services of the Red Cross; Transport Aid, Food Aid, (Community-Led Action for REsilience (C.L.A.R.E.) and Red Cross Home for Disabled ( RCHD)

Shot on location in Tampines, Singapore

Shot on the RED EPIC and Cooke Anamorphic Lens Kit

Character 1: 'Madam Koh'  - Featured in the  'Red Cross Home for Disabled' film

Character 2: 'Da Silva'  - Featured in the C.L.A.R.E' (Community-Led Action for REsilience) Film

Character 3: 'Madam Suria'  - Featured in the 'Food Aid' Film

Character 4: 'Noor' - Featured in the 'Transport Aid' Film

Directed by 'Pabz Alexander'

'Madam Koh' 

Child of Madam Suria who featured in the 'Food Aid' film 

Director of Photography ' Duncan Kemp' 

Production Assistant 'Joant Úbeda' 

Director 'Pabz Alexander' + Executive Producer 'Michael Ahmadzadeh'

Duncan and Pabz with a top shot of 'Da Silva'

Producer 'Rory Cavanagh' 

Big Thanks to the MullenLowe Singapore Team, Producer ' Jonathan Gerard' and the Red Cross Team

(Directors Cut) Red Cross 'Da Silva' 


(Directors Cut) Red Cross 'Madam Koh'

(Directors Cut) Red Cross 'Vignettes'