BTS Film

In September this year, the team headed to the lively, industrious city of Bangkok to film 5 distinct characters in a high paced, fast moving environment.

We worked with Director 'Anthony Pellino', Director of Photography 'Ahad Mahmood' and Uber to inject a dynamic energy into the space and characters.

The glorious, calming seas and sands of Thailand perfectly complemented the bustling city.

The films revolved around an Entrepreneur, a Drummer, a Supportive Parent, a Surfer and a Traveller.

Our Head Creative 'Pabz Alexander' on the drums.

Executive Producer ‘Michael Ahmadzadeh’, Producer ‘Rory Cavanagh’, Line Producer ‘Gaurav Mishra’ and Pabz unwinding after a hard day at work.

Big thanks to the following people:

Client: Uber APAC 
Director: Anthony Pellino
DOP: Ahad Mahmood 
Camera Team/ Equipment: Gear Head Bangkok 
Executive Producer: Medrikojs Michael Ahmadzadeh
1st AD: Rory Cavanagh 
Producer: Gaurav Mishra 
Production Assistant: Nabil Nazri 
Stylist/ MUA: Natalie Lorence 
Talents: Penny Jane, Edmar, Batty, Meng, Jannick 
Editor: Pabz Alexander
Music Composition: The Seige ‘Prime’ 
Colour Grading: The Mill 
Kit: Arri Alexa + Cooke S4 Lens

This project was shot in Thailand, October 2017.