Focusing on individuals who have built their businesses using Youtube as a platform, the ELÂș production crew travelled to Morocco and Dubai to spend time with these individuals, interviewing and exploring their passions and characters related to their channels.

Notable Youtube creators interviewed included DJ, 'DJ Van', radio presenter 'Momo', make-up blogger 'Eswaratti', blogger 'Jaysajer', and comedian 'Lowi'.

On the production set, the Youtube creators presented a professional side to them, revealing their playful nature at times, as the cameras rolled.

Moving along the streets of Morocco and Dubai in between shoots, the crew also had the opportunity to capture images of the local markets and streets, scenes that speak silently of many stories untold. Till next time, perhaps?

Big thanks to our client 'Google/ Youtube', DOPs 'Emiliano Arganaraz' and 'Duncan Kemp', Head of Creatives 'Pabz Alexander', EP 'Michael Ahmadzadeh', and Producer 'Rory Cavanagh'.

This project was filmed over 5 days in Dubai and Morocco in October 2016.