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Reebok - Be More Human

Spalding - The Beat of True Believers

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2XU - 1000 Miles

Originally from Boston, Massachusetts, Pellino now works in New York directing commercials with focus on sports and social documentary, along with captivating narrative and performance music videos. His work is comprised of striking visuals centered around compelling subject matter that pushes boundaries while remaining raw and grounded. He often frames the diligence and perseverance of an individual, creating work that exudes both emotional and physical intensity by delving into the lives of those who constantly push themselves. Anthony knows how to craft visceral stories that are not only exhilarating, but relatable. Stories that not only leave you in awe at the strength of another, but make you believe more in yourself as well. He has directed campaigns for clients such as Lifetime Pictures, Spalding, Reebok, 2XU, and Footaction alongside notable agencies like Walton Isaacson, Publicis Health, and Cohn & Wolfe.