ELº Films // Leading Film Production House In Singapore & Dubai

Client // Meadow Fresh
Agency // Core Agency
Production Company // ELº Films

the challenge | the solution

Wanting to distinguish themselves as a milk brand whose happy cows produce fresh, delicious-tasting milk, Meadow Fresh engages ELº Films and Core Agency for an unconventional method of storytelling. Viewers get a glimpse of the clean and relaxed lifestyle experienced on a Meadow Fresh farm – as told by Meadow Fresh cows themselves. 

Crew List:

Director/ DOP: Matthew Horrex
Client: Meadow Fresh
Agency: Core Agency
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Editor/ DIT/ Drone: Pabz Alexander
1st AC: Cecilia
AD: Gaurav Mishra
Producer: Rory Cavanagh
Production Manager: Feliscia Xu
Production Assistants: Isabella Lim 
Photographer: Ben Christensen
Colour Grading: ELº Films 
Kit: Arri Alexa Mini and Zeiss Ultra Prime Lens

Filmed in Melbourne, Australia