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Youtube - The Creators

Client // Google/YouTube

Production Company // ELº Films

the challenge | the solution:

YouTube 'The Creators' film focused on individuals who have built their business using YouTube as a platform. They all have outgoing relatable and entertaining approaches to their channel, helping them to grow subscribers. ELº Films travelled to Morocco and Dubai to spend time with these individuals, interviewing them and exploring their passions/characters as seen through their channel.

Featured Youtube Creators:

  1. DJ Van – Top DJ in Morocco
  2. Momo – Top Radio Presenter in Morocco
  3. Eswaratti – Make-Up Blogger
  4. Jaysajer – Blogger, Dubai 
  5. Lowi – Comedian, Dubai

Director/DOP: Emiliano Arganaraz / Duncan Kemp

Client: Google/YouTube

Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh

Producer: Rory Cavanagh

Filmed in Morocco and Dubai, UAE.