Amirah Tajdin 'Where culture meets style'

As an artist, Amirah Tajdin focuses on stories about culture in a globalised world.

Fendi's Resort 2017 Look Book is a visual representation of Amirah's style of having culture intertwine with modern art.

Having worked on narratives as well such as Minerva's Lilies, shows how her commercials can have the same calibre of emotion.

Amirah's use of real life, turning the everyday to art.

What drew you to Elº Films?

It teems with a fresh edge that this neck of the world map needs.

How best would you describe your filming style? Movement, Music, Mood(y).

How do you get inspiration and where do your get your ideas from?

The everyday random guy and girl, happenstance, colors, music, staring out uber windows, travel, pinterest. As for how, not sure I’ve put my finger on that yet.

What is your thought process when it comes to directing a narrative and a TVC?

Sometimes they seem worlds apart, and sometimes they feel like linear worlds. With narrative I don’t limit my imagination and visual risk taking as much as I do (and sometimes have to) with TVC because I’m balancing the vision of way more people as opposed to just myself when I’m in narrative auteur mode. That said, the elements always remain the same at some level - performance, aesthetic, good sound.

What is your favourite project you have worked on to date? And Why?

The short film I made in Chile, Marea de Tierra. Full creative freedom to make a wavy feminsit poetic piece inspired by mermaids with a lovely co-director in some of the wildest landscape planet earth has to offer.