Meadow Fresh 'The Farm'

Meadow Fresh 'The Farm'


Director/ DOP: Matthew Horrex
Client: Meadow Fresh 
Agency: Core Agency
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh 
Editor/ DIT/ Drone: Pabz Alexander
1st AC: Cecilia
AD: Gaurav Mishra 
Producer: Rory Cavanagh 
Production Manager: Feliscia Xu
Production Assistants: Isabella Lim 
Photographer: Ben Christensen
Colour Grading: ELº Films 
Kit: Arri Alexa Mini and Zeiss Ultra Prime Lens

Filmed in Melbourne, Australia.

In collaboration with Core Agency and Electric Lime Films (ELº Films), Meadow Fresh further expands their presence in Asia this year with four ‘mooving’ commercial spots. Taking a step away from the usual milk commercials, the ANZ dairy brand took an unconventional approach to storytelling as viewers catch a glimpse of the happy and relaxed lifestyle of the farms in Australia and New Zealand – as told through the eyes of some who have experienced it firsthand.

Eager to making the spots a reality, the ELº team flew over to Melbourne, Australia, a week earlier to meet the talents for casting, as well as to prepare for the shoot.

Meet the Meadow Fresh cast!

6 beautiful, chill, grass-loving cows.

Going around various parts of the farm while fitted with an easy rig to shoot the cows, Director 'Matthew Horrex' and 1st AC 'Cecilia' took a rest as they discussed the next shot with Producer 'Rory Cavanagh'. 

Keeping the equipment minimal for easy movement, the films were shot on an Arri Alexa Mini with Zeiss Ultra Prime Lens.


Producer 'Gaurav Mishra' attempting to take some product shots against the setting sun.

Photographer 'Ben Christensen' all smiles after the photography session with the talents ended.