Feature | Grace Rached on the 'electrifying' experience of filming abroad for electriclime° Feature | Grace Rached on the 'electrifying' experience of filming abroad for electriclime°

Feature | Grace Rached on the 'electrifying' experience of filming abroad for electriclime°

Production Assistant Grace Rached started her journey with electriclime° as an intern, and now has flown across the world producing films.

Grace has been an integral part of the team in Sydney, assisting in the pre-production of multiple projects and being an important member on set.

She helped put together projects for Durex, Mulpha, Clipsal, Target and ClearScore, and recently flew to Singapore to work on a project with our Duxton Road team.

Check out her story below as she discusses her passion for filmmaking, her experience working abroad and her time with electriclime°.

How did you get started in the industry, and where did your interest in it come from?

As soon as I left school, and all throughout my degree I involved myself in as many productions as I could, no matter how small. I’ve always felt highly motivated and passionate to tell incredible stories. After all, we all decide to walk into this industry as creatives. I’ve always wanted to be able to showcase that, and working in production is where all that magic comes to life.

I’ve always been fiercely passionate about seeing women succeed in this industry. I want to be able to further that in my career and showcase positive Arab stories within Australia. Finding representation on and off the screen is so incredibly important to me and I’ll continue striving to be able to put them on people’s screens.

Tell us about your role and what challenges you face in it…

I’m currently at the electriclime° Sydney office as a Production Assistant. It’s a role that involves a variety of skills from scheduling, to communication, to working with budgets. I think the main challenges I’ve faced are walking into this industry at a young age and being able to navigate the vast environment. However, I love a challenge and am always up for succeeding.

Above: Grace Rached with André Rodrigues

What do you enjoy most about the role?

It’s a very diverse and exciting role, I get to be involved from inception to completion on every project that comes through. Every day is a learning experience! I even get to learn and work on international productions!

How was the experience travelling to Singapore and taking on a new challenge in a new country?

Singapore was a dream! I loved being able to meet people from all walks of life, and learn how the industry operates. Travelling is always an eye opening experience. But travelling for film? I think it’s so electrifying.

What were the differences/difficulties in approach when working in Asia compared to Australia?

I think culture is always a defining factor. The process is similar in both but I think Asia’s film culture is a lot more direct.

I will say, as someone who’s from Australia, the heat in Singapore got to me!

Above: Grace (right) with fellow Production Assistant Mavis Wong

What did you learn from your electriclime° internship?

During my internship, I was really lucky to be able to take on responsibilities and communications throughout a variety of productions. As well as work under different producers, gaining skills from all which I’ve taken on with me into my full time role.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I’m a sucker for Formula 1 and I’m a total nerd for anything Fantasy. Lord of the Rings? Marvel? Sign me up.