Head Start Homes 'Charlene' Head Start Homes 'Charlene'

Head Start Homes 'Charlene'

Client | Head Start Homes
Founder and Managing Director: Stephen Woodlands
Founding Partner: Westpac
Pilot Project Partners: St.George Bank

Crew |
Director: André Rodrigues
DOP: Tom Black
2nd Unit DOP: Ewan Donnachie
AD: Rebecca Wilson
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Drone Pilot: Kristian Brassington
Drone Ground Support: Duncan Gow
BTS: Michael Cobley
Edit/Colour Grading: André Rodrigues

Equipment generously provided by Panavision Sydney
Kit: Panavision C Series + Alexa Mini + Red Epic Dragon + Inspire 2

Filmed in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Check out behind the scenes on set for our recent project with Head Start Homes, supported by a cross-sector collaboration of Australian partnerships including Founding Partner Westpac and Pilot Project Partners St.George Bank with equipment provided by Panavision. The film is directed by André Rodrigues with DOPs Tom Black and Ewan Donnachie and produced by Michael Ahmadzadeh.

Above: Behind the scenes on set for Head Start Homes 'Charlene'

'Charlene' tells the inspiring story of an aboriginal single mother's journey from homelessness to achieving her life-changing dream of being a homeowner. 

Above: Director André Rodrigues (left), Head Start Homes Founder and Managing Director Stephen Woodlands (right)

Head Start Homes is a social services organisation with a truly honourable vision, it works to help single mums, First Nations people, and community housing families make homeownership a reality.

Above: Head Start Homes Founder and Managing Director Stephen Woodlands (left), Charlene (middle, Director André Rodrigues (right)

Charlene is the first to receive the support of this holistic and empowering initiative, allowing her the opportunity to move out of social housing and into her own home for the first time in her life.

Above: Charlene (top left), Director André Rodrigues (middle left), AD Rebecca Wilson (middle right), DOP Tom Black (top right)

The film opens with Charlene telling us her story against the background of the naturally beautiful landscape of Port Macquarie. The stunning visuals are juxtaposed with the intimate spaces of her soon to be new and permanent home: a charming property in Wauchope with an expansive backyard.

Above: DOP Tom Black (left), Director André Rodrigues (middle), 2nd Unit DOP Ewan Donnachie (right)

The gentle cinematography, sharp optics, and dreamy depth of field DOP Tom Black and 2nd Unit DOP Ewan Donnachie created using Panavision lenses contributes powerful visual elements to Charlene’s narrative and a sense of belonging.

Above: Director André Rodrigues

This incredible invitation to capture Charlene’s touching step forward for her family and the scenic grandeur of the featured locations was truly an unforgettable experience for the electriclimefilms team.

Above: 2nd Unit DOP Ewan Donnachie

electriclimefilms was honoured to have the chance to be part of this special moment and lend a voice to this beautiful testament of the lives and stories Head Start Homes helps to change and tell.

See the film here.