Lenovo 'The Stand Off'


Created: June 2015
Director: Pabz Alexander
Agency: OgilvieOne Middle East
DOP: Ryan Kearns
Media Assistant: Caitlin Szanto
Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Edit: ELº Films
Art Director: Anas AlHakim (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Executive Creative Director: Will Rust (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Executive Producer: Alex Robertson (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Actor 1: Scorben Alhaf
Actor 2: Daniel Lee
Music Credit: 'Filipe Adorno Vasso'

Filmed in Fossil Rock, UAE.

The ELº team worked along side OgilvyOne and their client 'Lenovo' to create a recent piece of digital content to be used throughout the Middle East to raise awareness around the 'Lenovo Vibe' mobile phone.

The shoot took place in the desert on the border of Oman, in September 2015. The reason for the location was to replicate Mid-West America.

The disruptive film was used to target and engage with the 20 - 30 Male demographic, in a fun and creative manner, to showcase key features of the new Lenovo Vibe mobile phone.

The team at OgilveOne created a storyboard based on the Sergio Leono's Spaghetti style Western films, however with Arab 'Hipster' characters, and with phones instead of pistols. Both characters acted out a draw in the desert, the character with the 'Lenovo Vibe' winning shoot-out.

Wrap up means a celebratory group shot!