Lenovo 'The Perfect Match'


Director: Pabz Alexander
Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide
Client: Lenovo Middle East
DOP: Duncan Kemp
Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Production Assistant: Rory Cavanagh, Csilla Tornallyay
Make Up: Rochelle Rose
Stylist/Wardrobe: Sacha Shaw
Art Director: Anas AlHakim (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Executive Producer: Benjamin Schwartz (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Kit: RED EPIC with Arri Ultra Prime Lens Kit
Post Production / Colour Grading: ELº Films
Music Composition: Jesse Roth

Filmed in Dubai, UAE | Nikki Beach Resort & Spa

We were shooting in Dubai in May 2016 on a project for the new Lenovo YOGA 900 laptop, titled 'The Perfect Match' directed by 'Pabz Alexander'. The team worked along Ogilvy One UAE in developing 4 stories that show the laptop in different lifestyle situations, both in Arabic and in English.

Male talent 'Yahya Elkhoulfi' and Female talent 'Mahsan Kianirad' of 'The AgenC' acted in two of the four films.

Director 'Pabz Alexander' + Producer 'Michael Ahmadzadeh'

Director of Photography ' Duncan Kemp'

Behind the Scenes Film was created by 'Emiliano Arganaraz' and Product shots by 'Oliver Marshall Doran' of Photosolutions.me

Big Thanks to 'Visman' of Action Filmz for operating the Jib

Make Up Artist 'Rochelle Breedt'

Production Assistant 'Csilla Tornallyay'

Stylist 'Sacha Shaw'

Big Thanks to the Oglivy One Crew, Account Manager: 'Nicole Mouawad', Art Director 'Anas AlHakim, Executive Producer 'Benjamin Schwartz' and the Lenovo Crew!

And also to Nikki Beach Resort & Spa Dubai for providing us with constant support & allowing us to shoot in their beautiful villas.

(Directors Cut) Yoga 900 'On the Go'

(Directors Cut) Yoga 900 'The Perfect Gadget'