Lenovo 'Extreme Gaming'


Director: Pabz Alexander
Agency: OgilvyOne Worldwide OgilvyOne
Client: Lenovo Middle East
DOP: Duncan Kemp
Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Production Assistant: Rory Cavanagh, Sahar Yousefi
Camera Assistant: Umesh Mistry
Art Director: Rafael Valencia (OgilvyOne Dubai)
Executive Producer: Majd Abi Ali (OgilvyOne Dubai
Kit: RED EPIC with Arri Ultra Prime Lens Kit
Post Production / Colour Grading: ELº Films
Music Composition: Jesse Roth

Filmed in Dubai, UAE.

In March 2016, the team were filming in the UAE desert, near the border of Oman. The project was to film 'gamers' playing each other, while dune bashing! We worked together with Ogilvy One Memac and Lenovo to produce this content to build awareness around the specialised 'Gaming' laptop 'Lenovo Y-Series'

The films featured 4 Major 'Gamers from Saudi Arabia: 'MjrmGames', ' DvLZStaTioN' 'M7MDXD' and 25KLOoODE

Producer 'Michael Ahmadzadeh', Director 'Pabz Alexander' and DOP 'Duncan Kemp'

Big thanks to the Lenovo team and Production Assistant 'Sahar Yousefi' , Art Director 'Rafael Valencia' (OgilvyOne Dubai) and Executive Producer 'Majd Abi Ali '(Ogilvy)!