Oppo 'Find More' Oppo 'Find More'

Oppo 'Find More'

Client: OPPO
MENA Marketing Manager: Tina Qiao
GCC PR Manager: Lucy Sarabamon
MENA Marketing Director: Fadi Abu Shamat
GCC Marketing Manager: Lian Shi

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Managing Director: Claudia Dumond
Account Director: Lameez Domingo
Executive Creative Director: Ryan Reed
Creative Director: Benjamin Lees
Associate Creative Director: Braden Deatcher

Crew List:
Director: Damiano Fieramosca
DOP: Elias Trad
Photographer (Lite Matter): Daniel Botezatu
Photographer's Assistants: Shahid Shoudhri, Zeeshan Khan
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Senior Producer: Chaza Said
Assistant Director: Zeus Merhi
Production Manager: Layal Mooti
Production Assistants: Mariam El Nawawy, Abdullah Yasin
1st AC: Tony Abrahim
2nd AC/VTO: Omer Yucel
Gaffer: Raymond Abou Diwan
Sparks: Vinod Palakkil, Gergous Narouz, Richard Bunag
Driver: Emad Attia
Location Manager: Nawaf
Hair & Makeup Artist: Sarah-Jane
DIT: Mariam Gabunia
Editor: Mariam Gabunia
Colorgrading: electriclimefilms
BTS Footage: Abdullah Yasin
BTS Edit: Abdullah Yasin, Mariam Gabunia
Catering: Oushe

Influencer Talents: Nayla Al Khaja, Emkwan, Jumanah Jolie

Kit: Arri Alexa Mini + Cooke Anamorphic
Equipment Rental: Gamma Engineering

Production: electriclimefilms

electriclimefilms worked closely with M&C Saatchi to create three main films for well known phone brand OPPO. The campaign featured the new Oppo Find X2 Pro 5G Smartphone's unique special features, specifically the exceptional battery life and the ultra-vision camera system and screen, and was made as a connection to a larger global campaign.

Above: Photographer Jumanah Jolie

Above: Film Director and Writer Nayla Al Khaja

Director Damiano Fieramosca worked together with the creative team at M&C Saatchi to tell three stories, highlighting different subjects all treated in parallel to have a similar look and feel. The films were shot over two full days and across four separate locations to ensure the right light for each scenario. Logistically, there was a lot of time saved as most locations were within the vicinity of AlSerkal Avenue, where the electriclimefilms production team is based. 

Above: Director Damiano Fieramosca On Set (Center Right

Above: DOP Elias Trad

The films centered around three well known influencers in the media world as the protagonists of each film: Film Director Nayla Al Khaja; Professional Photographer Jumana Jolie; and Technology Reviewer Emkwan. The idea behind having them as the promotors of the campaign was to correlate the features of the phone with their respective professions - Jumanah was featured exploring the high-end camera capabilities, Nayla highlighted the ultra-vision screen, and Emkwan spotlighted the fast charge and long lasting battery life of the new OPPO Smartphone. Allowing their dynamic experiences to lead the films, the product’s presence was subtly integrated in order to maintain and reflect the spirit of the brand.

Above: Photographer Jumanah Jolie

Above: DOP Elias Trad (Left) and Technology Reviewer Emkwan (Right)

With a focus on cinematography gentle handheld shots were taken to complement the intimacy of the VO and presence of the talents. All three films were shot on an Alexa Mini paired with soft cinema Cooke anamorphic lenses to achieve a high dynamic cinematic quality.

Above: Director Damiano Fieramosca (Left) and Film Director and Writer Nayla Al Khaja (Right)

Watch the films here.