Red Cross 'Vignettes' Red Cross 'Vignettes'

Red Cross 'Vignettes'


Director: Pabz Alexander
Agency: Mullenlowe Singapore
Client: Red Cross Singapore
DOP: Duncan Kemp
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Producer: Rory Cavanagh
Camera Assistant: Joant Úbeda
Producer: Jonathan Gerard (MullenLowe Singapore)
Kit: RED EPIC with Cooke Anamorphic Lens Kit

Filmed in Singapore.

In August 2016, the ELº Singapore crew shot a 4-part character piece for the latest campaign for RED CROSS. The team worked along MullenLowe in developing  the 4 stories that highlighted different services of the Red Cross; Transport Aid, Food Aid, (Community-Led Action for REsilience (C.L.A.R.E.) and Red Cross Home for Disabled (RCHD).

Shot on the RED EPIC and Cooke Anamorphic Lens Kit.

Character 1: 'Madam Koh' - Featured in the 'Red Cross Home for Disabled' film

Character 2: 'Da Silva' - Featured in the C.L.A.R.E' (Community-Led Action for REsilience) Film

Character 3: 'Madam Suria' - Featured in the 'Food Aid' Film

Character 4: 'Noor' - Featured in the 'Transport Aid' Film

Directed by 'Pabz Alexander'

'Madam Koh' 

Child of Madam 'Suria' who featured in the 'Food Aid' film 

DOP 'Duncan Kemp' 

Production Assistant 'Joant Úbeda' 

'Duncan' and 'Pabz' with a top shot of 'Da Silva'.

Producer 'Rory Cavanagh' 

Big thanks to the MullenLowe Singapore Team, Producer 'Jonathan Gerard' and the Red Cross Team!