Singapore Tourism Board 'Friends' Singapore Tourism Board 'Friends'

Singapore Tourism Board 'Friends'


Director: Anthony Pellino
Agency: DDB Group Singapore // BLK J
Client: Singapore Tourism Board
DOP: Henry Zaballos
1st AC: Dan Filmer,
2nd AC/Grips: Aaron Andrew Ang
Key Grips/Gaffer: Ghufran
AD: Clare Chong
Executive Producer: Medrikojs Michael Ahmadzadeh
Producer: Rory Cavanagh
Production Assistants: Isabella Lim, Julian Kan
Agency Producer: Bettina Feng
Agency Creatives: Lester Lee, Khalid Osman
Stylist: Nigel Seow
MUA: Michelle Chin / Charlene Tee
Set Designer: Isaac Lee
Talent: Haydon Roy / Shilin / Lisa / Isaac
Casting Agency: Beeswork Casting Pte Ltd
Editor: Pabz Buddy Alexander
Music Composition: The Gunnery Pte Ltd
Voice-Over: Neon Sound
Colour Grading: Carlos Flores
Kit: Arri Alexa + Cooke Anamorphic Lenses

Filmed in Singapore | The Arts House, National Gallery, Capella Singapore

Director 'Anthony Pellino', from New York, flew over to Singapore with DOP 'Henry Zaballos' specially for this project.

DOP 'Henry' preparing the camera.

'Henry Zaballos' with 1st Assistant Camera 'Dan Filmer'.

Our main talent, 'Haydon Roy', taking on the role as Shaik in the film.

Shooting in progress on set at the Blue Room, The Arts House, Singapore. The palace set design was built with lots of help from our Set Designer, 'Isaac Lee'.

'Henry' hard at work filming from different angles at the Blue Room.

Director 'Anthony' reviewing playback at the Blue Room.

Executive Producer 'Michael Ahmadzadeh' having a chat with 'Anthony'.

Director, 'Anthony' directing our talents out in the garden at Capella Singapore.

Our film crew and talents at the National Gallery.