Michael Ahmadzadeh discusses 5 Tips on Working from Home Michael Ahmadzadeh discusses 5 Tips on Working from Home

Michael Ahmadzadeh discusses 5 Tips on Working from Home

Working from home was a new and challenging experience for my team and I. From watching the team work under these new circumstances I'm really proud of how we've adapted and supported one another to stay as an effective remote team. Check out some of the team’s Working from Home spaces, and my tips for getting adjusted to life working remotely from home.

1) Office Workspace: your surroundings and environment are crucial to positive energy and productivity. Personalise your space; ideally situate it next to natural light or try setting up next to a window with a view or some nature. Also try alternating locations around the house to mix things up.

Above: Rory Cavanagh - Head of Production

2) Routine: keep to schedule - wake up at the same time as usual, try to do something active in the morning to start your day, or simply make a cup of coffee. Try not to dive straight into work.

3) Structure: plan your day with a series of tasks and deadlines. This can really help you accomplish your goals more effectively and you will feel a bit of satisfaction when 6pm approaches.

Above: Pabz Alexander - Creative Director

4) Communication: try to keep in contact and have regular video calls with your colleagues. Ask them how they are doing and how they feel, although you're working alone, it’s really important to remain as a team. :)

Above: Damiano Fieramosca - Creative Director

5) Regular Breaks: it’s easy to get trapped in your seat the entire day, which will leave you exhausted and drive you mad, so try to break that up by having small regular pauses to recharge and realign, and so you have a clearer approach to what you're working on.

Above: Dora Claire David - Senior Producer

Above: Jian Chen - Content Manager