Uber 'I Earn. I Drive' Uber 'I Earn. I Drive'

Uber 'I Earn. I Drive'



Client: Uber APAC 
Director: Anthony Pellino
DOP: Ahad Mahmood 
Camera Team/ Equipment: Gear Head Bangkok 
Executive Producer: Medrikojs Michael Ahmadzadeh
1st AD: Rory Cavanagh 
Producer: Gaurav Mishra 
Production Assistant: Nabil Nazri 
Stylist/ MUA: Natalie Lorence 
Talents: Penny Jane, Edmar, Batty, Meng, Jannick 
Editor: Pabz Alexander
Music Composition: The Seige ‘Prime’ 
Colour Grading: The Mill 
Kit: Arri Alexa + Cooke S4 Lens

Shot in Bangkok, Thailand.

In September this year, the team headed to the lively, industrious city of Bangkok to film 5 distinct characters in a high paced, fast moving environment. The films revolved around an Entrepreneur, a Drummer, a Supportive Parent, a Surfer and a Traveller.

We worked with Director 'Anthony Pellino', Director of Photography 'Ahad Mahmood' and Uber to inject a dynamic energy into the space and characters.

The glorious, calming seas and sands of Thailand perfectly complemented the bustling city.

Our Head Creative 'Pabz Alexander' on the drums.

Executive Producer ‘Michael Ahmadzadeh’, Producer ‘Rory Cavanagh’, Line Producer ‘Gaurav Mishra’ and Pabz unwinding after a hard day at work.