Client | Caltex

Agency | VMLY&R Singapore

Production company | electriclime°

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electriclime° linked up with VMLY&R Singapore to produce a new spot, filmed in Sydney, for top petroleum brand Caltex.

Directed by Matt Kamen, this comedic film is set in a warehouse office where a fleet manager and a Caltex Salesman are in mid conversation discussing Caltex’s exceptional Diesel and Lubricant products.

In a creative way, the combination of Caltex Diesel with Techron D and Delo lubricants are explained as two products with triple the advantage: Reliability, Durability and Efficiency.

With the help of a passing truck, the fleet manager eventually is able to wrap his head around the concept and realises that Caltex Diesel and Delo lubricants are more than the sum of its parts.

Client | Caltex

Agency | VMLY&R Singapore

Production Company | electriclime°

Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Associate Executive Producer: Annabel Jewers
Creative: André Rodrigues
Production Assistant: Grace Rached
Production Assistant: Chloe Brasier

Crew |

Director: Matt Kamen
1st AD: Jeremy Fitzgerald
DoP: James Brown
1st AC: Oliver Braslin
2nd AC: Glen Soicher
Grip: Jason Trew
Grip Assist: Alessandro Guerrera
Vehicle Wrangler: Stuart Brady
Gaffer: Scott Leeson
Best Boy: Mark Leeson
VTR: Chad Waldron
Sound Recordist: Steve Foy
Art Director: Morgan Ferguson
Art Assist: Amelia Dondas
Stylist: Aly Nelson
Unit Manager: Steve Dyer
Photographer: Stuart Miller
Stills Assist: Bryn Donkersloot
Stills Assist: Nick Bannehr
Edit: André Rodrigues
VFX: Heckler
Hmu: Lisa Fulginiti
Safety Officer: Ray Anthony
Location Scout: Martin Vivian Pearse

Talent |

Fleet Manager: Ivan Chew
Caltex Salesman: Kaeng Chan

Filmed in Sydney