Client | Head Start Homes x Westpac

Production Company | electriclimefilms

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'Charlene', made in close collaboration with Head Start Homes and Westpac, tells the inspiring story of an aboriginal single mother's journey from homelessness to homeownership; finally escaping the social housing trap.

Client: Head Start Homes
Founder and Managing Director: Stephen Woodlands
Founding Partner: Westpac
Pilot Project Partners: St.George Bank

Director: André Rodrigues
DOP: Tom Black
2nd Unit DOP: Ewan Donnachie
AD: Rebecca Wilson
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Creative Director: Pabz Alexander
Drone Pilot: Kristian Brassington
Drone Ground Support: Duncan Gow
BTS: Michael Cobley
Edit/Colour Grading: André Rodrigues
Music by Hannah Parrott; Max LL

Equipment generously provided by Panavision Sydney
Kit: Panavision C Series + Alexa Mini + Red Epic Dragon + Inspire 2

Filmed in Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia

Behind The Scenes