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Client // Meadow Fresh
Production/Post Production Company // ELº Films

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the challenge | the solution

With the objective of penetrating into two new Asian markets, namely The Philippines and Vietnam, ELº Films puts forth two commercials that covers 4 core themes (Create, Learn, Discover, Engage) to address the various aspects of how Meadow Fresh milk can benefit young children and their parents.

Crew List:

Director: Pabz Alexander
Client: Meadow Fresh
Agency: Isentia
DOP: Tom Welsh
1st AC: David
DIT: Aaron
Key Grips/Gaffer: Peter, McDouglas
Executive Producer: Medrikojs Michael Ahmadzadeh
1st AD: Rory Cavanagh
Producer: Gaurav Mishra
Production Assistants: Aidan Shahbazkhani, Amanda Tan, Feliscia Xu
Agency Creatives: Alex Sandoval, Julia Mulcahy, Hedvig Lyche, Shaun Lee
Make-Up Artist: Angela
Talent: Megan, Eva, Kim, Ryder
Art Department: Jessica Ho
Casting Agency: Naz
Photography: Red Bus Photography + Aidan Shahbazkhani
Editor: Pabz Alexander
Music Composition: ELº Films
Colour Grading: ELº Films
Kit: Arri Alexa + Lomo Hawk Lens

Filmed in Singapore

Behind The Scenes