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  • Theatrical // Parker Pens 'Blue'

Parker Pen

Client // Parker Pen

Agency // Mcgarrybowen

Production Company // ELº Films

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Capturing special moments and enabling writers to express their experiences across Singapore and Sri Lanka, Parker Pen, FacetoFace UAE and ELº Films came together to produce a short film featuring the new Parker Sonnet SE pen.

Crew List:

Director: Pabz Alexander 
DOP: Tom Welsh
Client: Parker Pens 
Agency: FacetoFace UAE 
Agency Creative: Fabian Ruether
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Head of Creatives/ DIT/ Editor: Pabz Alexander 
Producers: Gaurav Mishra, Rory Cavanagh 
Production Manager: Amanda Tan 
Production Assistants: Isabella Lim, Feliscia Xu 
Editors: Amanda Tan, Barnabas Chua 
Talents: Rachel Mak, Olivier Gabillard 
Colorgrading: Raised By Wolves 
Sound Design: Amanda Tan
Kit: RED Camera + Kowa Vintage Anamorphic Lenses.
BTS: Rory Cavanagh, Amanda Tan
Local Fixer: Sanjay Pathmanathan

Locations: Singapore + Sri Lanka.

Behind The Scenes