electriclime° is fully equipped for Remote Filmmaking and Post Production Services.
Our services include, but are not limited to:

Offline | Colour | Online | Finishing

The offices are open and inspiring, in a setting informed by minimal aesthetics, the suites are a quintessential environment for creativity, editing, colouring, and audio, electriclime°'s suites provide an immersive experience for film production.

The Suites 
The spaces in Singapore, Dubai and Sydney are fully equipped with DaVinci Resolve suites for Grading and editing. Flame suites for Compositing & Finishing,
The suites are manned by our globally renowned in-house and freelance Editors, Colourists & Visual Effects Artists.

The Network

 network across MENA + APAC allows for round the clock editing across various timezones to support tight timelines and deadlines.  

Remote Editing
Our studios across Singapore, Dubai and Sydney are set up to support remote editing with live streams for clients that are unable to physically attend sessions. 

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