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Client | Riot Games

Production Company | electriclimefilms

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electriclimefilms worked closely in collaboration with Riot Games to produce the short film, 'Nexus', on the iconic video game League of Legends.

Crew List:

Directors/Cinematography: Damiano Fieramosca + Pabz Alexander
Client: Riot Games
Marketing Manager: Karim Hachani
Creative Director : Anas Al Hakim
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmadzadeh
Producer: Rine-Dala Nahas
Assistant Director: Chaza Said
Production Manager: Alia Abouraya
Production Assistant: Layal Mooti
Equipment Rental: Gamma Engineering
1st AC: Tony Ibrahim
2nd AC/ VTO: Eyup Omer
DIT/BTS: David Ibragimov
Gaffer: Raymond Abou Diwan
Grip: Dragan Stefanovic
Spark: Gerges Narouz, Muhammad Bilal
Helper/Driver: Abd El Fattah
Location Manager: Nasr Ahmed
Wardrobe: Micaela Cigala & Fabiana Lolli
Hair & Makeup Artist: Ilse Trummler
Post-Production: Damiano Fieramosca/Pabz Alexander/Alia Abouraya
Casting Director: Alia Abouraya
Talents: Noorhan, Abdulkareem, Elier
VFX: Optix Dubai
Kit: Arri Alexa Mini + Cooke Anamorphic lenses

Behind The Scenes