Client | Target

Agency | AJF

Production Company | electriclime° 

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electriclime° and AJF have linked up to produce a stunningly visual, performance-driven spot for Target’s 2022 Autumn and Winter campaign.

Directed by Pete Moore, this stand-out premise is coated with visual richness, with colour that pops off the screen and performances to engage the audience.

In our current climate where disposable, one-off wears are seen as no bueno, owning versatility in the way that Target fashion items can be styled across different looks is key.

This campaign owns this versatility through the concept of ‘Endless Style’, mixing and matching looks in ways that gets the most out of the cupboard and keeps you styled.

The film looks to present the idea of being able to dress up and down different styling elements in the name of versatility, or mixing and matching creative vibes and creating a more sustainable result for the environment.

Client | Target

Agency | AJF

Production Company | electriclime°
Director: Pete Moore
DOP: Sherwin Akbarzadeh
Executive Producer: Michael Ahmedzadeh
Senior Producer: Tracy Proposch
Production Assistant: Mavis Wong, Grace Rached
1st AD: John Sandow
1st AC: Meg Perrott
2nd AC: Bailey Quinn, Jessa Rose
Gaffer: Tommi Hacker
Lighting Assists: Lex Martin, Birrin King
Sound Recordist: Francis Byrne
Photographer: Tobia Rowles
Photographer Assistant: Nura Sheidaee
Art Director: Francesca Carey
Wardrobe Stylist: Emma Lamp
Stylist Assistant: Sophie Hayward
HMU Artist: Darren Cartledge
HMU Assist:Renee McAvoy
Safety Officer: Rainey Carah
Location Manager : John Green
Set Nurse : Ally Martin
Talent: Ellinor Devenish , Jessica Abela , Maayan Tamir, Sebastian Heske, Michelle Johnson,Stephenie Tamir , Lucretia Adeoja , Zuli Adeoja , Amari Johnson.
Editors: Joe Morris, Mariam Gabunia, Nic Venettacci, Anoop Kishan
Colourist: Martin Greer

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