Client // Uber APAC
Production/Post Production Company // ELº Films

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the challenge | the solution

ELº Films was requested to position Uber as a brand which millennials would choose to work for a flexible, exciting, and fulfilling career. Working with the director to create 5 x 30s films with ideal millennials who Uber would want to work for them, each story was given an identity and a different purpose for why they’d want to work for Uber. The 5 films educate people the benefits for driving with Uber, and inspires them to join a flexible, exciting, and fulfilling career.

Crew List

Director: Anthony Pellino
Client: Uber APAC
DOP: Ahad Mahmood
Camera Team/ Equipment: Gear Head Bangkok
Executive Producer: Medrikojs Michael Ahmadzadeh
1st AD: Rory Cavanagh
Producer: Gaurav Mishra
Production Assistants: Nabil Nazri
Stylist/ MUA: Natalie Lorence
Talents: Penny Jane, Edmar, Batty, Meng, Jannick
Editor: Pabz Alexander
Music Composition: The Seige ‘Prime’
Colour Grading: The Mill
Kit: Arri Alexa + Cooke S4 Lens

Location: Bangkok, Thailand + Vietnam

Behind The Scenes